Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Declaration of Commitment

Institut nordique du Québec (INQ) adheres to the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). These principles are perfectly in line with its vision for the sustainable development of the North through the respectful integration of scientific and community knowledge, notably Indigenous knowledge. The presence and promotion of diverse perspectives and experiences are essential to the achievement of INQ's mission and ambitious objectives. INQ is therefore formally committed to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion in all its spheres of activity, as well as in the support it provides to its members.

To allow all individuals to benefit from the same employment, research and training opportunities, develop their full potential and work in a welcoming and safe research environment, INQ is committed to:

  • Promoting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Fostering An environment that advocates respect for all people and in which differences are recognized and valued;
  • Regularly reviewing Its practices and procedures to ensure equity, diversity and inclusion ;
  • Informing Its members of its equity, diversity and inclusion commitments and actions ;
  • Not tolerating Any form of bullying or harassment.

Objectives and actions

Educate members about EDI

By regularly informing them of the commitments made to equity, diversity and inclusion and the actions in place to meet those commitments.

Integrate EDI and best practices into INQ activities, committees, support programs and communications

By periodically reviewing eligibility criteria and application procedures for various programs to ensure equity in the award process and adequate representation of diversity ;

By prioritizing gender-neutral and inclusive language in all texts, documents, reports, announcements and emails ;

By considering diversity and intersectionality when selecting members to serve on various committees and at INQ events ; 

By increasing opportunities for outreach and visibility for new faces in our research community ;

By organizing awareness activities (webinars, training, etc.) related to the themes of EDI in the context of northern research.