Working group on new and renewable energies


This group is actively seeking alternatives to the use of fossil fuels in the North, a source of energy with a negative impact on the ecological footprint of northern regions. The costs associated with the fuel itself, and its transport, also place an economic burden on the regions. In addition, the working group is looking at several other options to meet the energy needs of Québec’s remote regions—all of them focused on new and renewable energy—in order to bolster the energy transition essential to the sustainable development of Northern Québec.


  • Louis Gosselin (ULaval)


  • Morad Abdelaziz (GEL, UL)
  • Kodjo Agbossou (UQTR)
  • Olivier Arsenault (Hydro Québec)
  • Karim Belmokhtar (Nergica)
  • Jeff Berghorson (Mech Eng., McGill)
  • Myriam Blais (SPN)
  • Francois Bouffard (McGill)
  • Martin Bourbonnais (Cégep de Jonquière)
  • Aline Brasil (MERN)
  • Serge Brassard (SPN)
  • Marie-Pier Breton (SHQ)
  • Pierre Brisson (TEQ)
  • Christian Carrier (Carboniq Inc)
  • Marilys Clément (Nergica)
  • Jérôme Cros (GEL, UL)
  • Charles Cyr (IREQ)
  • Guy Dumas (GEL, UL)
  • Marie-Ève Dupont (IREQ)
  • Richard Gagnon (TEQ)
  • Véronique Gilbert (Kativik)
  • Nicolo Giordano(INRS)
  • Louis Gosselin (GMC, UL)
  • Jean-François Gravel (MAMH)
  • Didier Haillot (GMC, ÉTS)
  • Marianne Huot (Arcelor Mittal)
  • Innocent Kamwa (GEL, UL)
  • Christophe Krolik (Droit, UL)
  • Patrick Labbé (Hydro Québec)
  • Joë Lance (Tarquti)
  • Rachid Laouamer (IREQ)
  • Yoan Leclerc (SPN)
  • Daniel Martineau (CANMET / NRCan)
  • Félix Ménard-Saint-Denis (SHQ)
  • Alexandre Myre (Englobe)
  • Fuzhan Narsiri (Concordia)
  • Mathieu Olivier (GMC, UL)
  • Taha Ouarda(INRS)
    Simon Paradis (Nergica)
  • Mélanie Paul (Inukshuk Synergie)
  • Mathieu Payeur (TEQ)
  • Julie Poulin (MERN)
  • Julia Purdy (NRCan)
  • Jasmin Raymond (INRS)
  • Marc-André Richard (IREQ)
  • Jean Rouleau (GMC, UL)
  • Meli Stylianou (NRCan)
  • Gildas Tapsoba (Centre TERRE, Cégep Jonquière)
  • Éric Vandal (Centre TERRE, Cégep Jonquière)
  • Matthew Wadham-Gagnon (MERN)


  • Pierre-Yves Savard INQ