Training Committee


The committee has five main objectives: Make an inventory of existing training programs on Northern Québec at the founding partner universities; support universities in their initiatives to train students, future stakeholders in the North, and professionals working on northern issues; develop an uncredited continuing education program for transferring knowledge to academics, professionals, and the general population; offer an uncredited general training program on Northern Québec in the form of a nanoprogram; and encourage the involvement of Indigenous people in all aspects of and at all levels of their educational program.


  • Catherine Girard (UQAC)


  • Isabelle Laurion (INRS)
  • Marie-France Gévry (Sentinelle Nord)
  • Marie-Eve Marchand (ULaval)
  • Loretta Robinson (CEPN)
  • Stéphanie Guilherme (ULaval)


  • Pierre-Yves Savard (INQ)