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Research Projects

This page presents the list of sponsored projects underway at the Institut nordique du Québec.

List of projects

Research project aimed at acquiring knowledge about the ancestral Innu territory (Nitassinan) through a transdisciplinary study of an emblematic ecosystem in Northern Quebec: the Manicouagan Reservoir, which is now part of a territory designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. (INQ-SN Project)

Project aimed at advancing the state of knowledge on efficient and sustainable residential building to promote Nunavik's energy transition by and for local communities. (INQ-SN Project)

The objective of this project is to provide essential information on the current status and future evolution of the habitat of two fish species that play a key role in the food security of northern communities: Arctic char and lake trout. (INQ-SN Project)

This study seeks to provide additional knowledge on how the mercury, selenoneine and fatty acid contents of beluga vary with respect to their population of origin, diet, age and sex. (INQ-SN Project)

This project aims to develop and share a mapping tool to increase the preparedness to manage a marine incident and to meet the needs of the community of Kuujjuaq. (CEGRIM-INQ-RQM project)

The objective of the project is to assess the vulnerability and resilience of the coastal ecosystem in the Nain area in response to the climate fluctuations occurring over the last 12 000 years and, with this knowledge, better foresee impacts of contemporary climate changes in the near future. (INQ-SN Project)

This project aims to solve the problems of renewable heat supply and long-term energy storage in cold regions. The proposed work will make it possible to define and optimize energy management strategies adapted not only to the polar climate, but also to the northern socio-political context. (INQ-SN Project)

The innovative UVILUQ project proposes to combine recent advances in the field of biomedicine to establish a new sampling platform that will use the concept of liquid biopsies to facilitate the monitoring of coastal ecosystem health. (INQ-SN Project)

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