Webinar 12 | Tous dans le même bateau : la collaboration internationale en recherche nordique pour mieux comprendre l’Arctique en pleine mutation (In French)


Speaker: Warwick Vincent, professor, Département de Biologie, Université Laval;  member of CEN, SN, Takuvik, and ArcticNet, and associate member of Québec-Océan, CentrEau and IBIS.

Resumé:  This year was marked by extreme events in the Arctic, from an unexpected ozone hole in the spring, to unprecedented fires in Siberia, the rapid melting of glaciers in Greenland and Svalbard, and the collapse of an ice shelf in Nunavut. These events imply changes faster than current models predict and highlight the need for international collaboration to better understand, predict and adapt to these new northern conditions. This conference will describe these recent events and then present two major international research projects for the analysis of the changing Arctic: the Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate (MOSAiC) and the parallel project Terrestrial Multidisciplinary distributed Observatories for the Study of Arctic Connections (T-MOSAiC).


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