The Atiku portal contains 3 thematic collections and 6 collections by resource types. The thematic collections contain various types of documents that encompass a same subject or that target a specific audience. The collections by resource types offer a wide range of the best sources of information dedicated to northern and arctic studies.

Thematic Collections

Selection of resources that present the challenges and major themes of northern and Arctic research, including issues related to the ethics and practice of research in Aboriginal communities.
This collection brings together more than a hundred documentary resources from the various Atiku collections dealing with Northern First Nations and Inuit.
Quality books, maps and atlases, online movies, and websites that attract and address topics of interest for the general public regarding the North and the Arctic.

Collections by Resource Types

Selection of Web resources that disseminate archival materials, but also artifacts and works of art related to the North and the Arctic, and in particular to Aboriginal peoples.
The selected databases provide access primarily to journal articles, but also to reports, theses, books, etc. related to northern, arctic or aboriginal studies.
The dictionaries, encyclopedias and other selected reference documents are specialized in Northern, Arctic or Aboriginal studies, or have significant content in these fields.
Selection of Recommended Maps, Atlases and Geospatial Data for the Study of Northern Quebec, Northern Canada and the Circumpolar North.
Selection of Web resources for viewing documentaries and reports on the North and the Arctic.
Selection of statistical resources concerning the demography, the economy, the Aboriginal peoples and the natural resources of Northern Quebec, Northern Canada and the Arctic.
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