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The 5 My Northern Project finalists from Québec are revealed!

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Last March, our team announced a digital shift for the 2020 edition of the My Northern Project science popularization contest. Master's and doctoral students were invited to produce a 5-minute video clip popularizing their research project. Eleven people accepted the challenge.

The jury, responsible for evaluating the videos submitted to the competition, selected the 5 students who best illustrated themselves by the overall quality of their video. These five winners will take part in the international finals of the My Northern Project competition, traditionally held as part of the Arctic Circle Assembly, an international event for dialogue and cooperation on the future of the Arctic, which has become an annual event valued by Arctic stakeholders.

Here are the five Quebec finalists selected for the 2020 International Final of the My Northern Project competition. Congratulations to the winners!

1. Alexandre Demers-Potvin, PhD student in Biology at McGill University

Director: Hans Larsson (McGill, Redpath Museum)

Project title: The lost world of Schefferville



2. Véronique Dubos, PhD student in Water Science at INRS-ETE

Director: André St-Hilaire (INRS)

Codirector: Normand Bergeron (INRS)

Project title: Habitat modelling of anadromous Arctic char during different life stages, using traditional Inuit and scientific knowledge.



3. Elisabeth Hardy-Lachance, MSc student in Geography at Université de Montréal

Director: Daniel Fortier (UdeM)

Codirector: Esther Lévesque (UQTR)

Project title: A survival blanket for permafrost ?



4. Alex Mavrovic, PhD student in Environmental Sciences at UQTR

Director: Alexandre Roy (UQTR)

Codirectors: Juha Lemmetyinen (Institut météorologique finlandais) et Olivier Sonnentag (UdeM)

Project title: Monitoring of winter carbon flux in the Arctic



5. Flore Sergeant, PhD student in Earth Sciences at Université Laval

Director: René Therrien (ULaval)

Project title: Arctic River Flow: a valuable indicator for predicting pan-Arctic permafrost dynamics



International Final - A concept to be defined under the conditions of a pandemic

The current pandemic compromises our physical presence at the Arctic Circle Assembly. So we do not know what form the international final will take. More details will be forthcoming in the coming weeks and in the course of our discussions with our international partner, UArctic, which is responsible for selecting the remainder of the candidates for the competition. 

Additional information

To view all of the videos that were submitted to the competition, check out our YouTube channel (in French)


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