Research Guidelines, a guide to getting off on the right foot in your new research project

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Summer is just around the corner and the return of good weather is kicking off a new field research season. Institut nordique du Québec (INQ) is taking this opportunity to highlight an indispensable tool designed to guide research teams in the development and implementation of their projects in northern territories: Research Guidelines. The Guidelines were developed by the First Peoples Committee, whose main objective is to make research teams aware that "Indigenous Peoples must not only be consulted during the various stages of research; they must also be able to take ownership of the research, in order to ensure the activities are mindful of the territory".  

In short, it is a guide to good practice for all field research projects that take place north of the 49th parallel. To this end, the Guidelines present different approaches based on collaboration and knowledge sharing between local communities and the different actors involved in scientific research. The goal is to ensure that all research is co-constructed and co-produced. The context of research in the North, the principles of research ethics and the steps to be taken to conduct research in the North are discussed.

Finally, the recommendations put forward by the guide are part of a desire to democratize research practices, in addition to being in line with INQ's sustainable development values.  We invite you to consult the Research Guidelines if you are planning to develop a research project in the North.

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Cover photos: Sophiane Beland, Barbara Vuillaume
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