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The INQ community is composed of regular, affiliated or associate members, and researchers who conduct research related to northern or Arctic issues. INQ partners are legal entities concerned with northern or Arctic issues.


Regular Members

A regular member of the INQ is a Québec institution of higher education or legal entity conducting research related to northern or Arctic issues.


An affiliated researcher comes from a higher education institution working in the humanities, health, social sciences or pure and applied sciences whose research and innovation efforts clearly address northern issues and challenges - Northern Quebec (>49th parallel) or the Canadian and circumpolar Arctic.

Affiliated Research Entities

Research centres or entities with a northern or arctic vocation recognized by an institution/entity member or partner may be affiliated to the INQ. These centres or entities are suggested to the executive committee by a member or partner, and actively contribute to the INQ's scientific program and to the development of its research priorities.

Associate Members

An associate member of the INQ is an institution higher education or a legal entity outside the province of Quebec conducting research related to northern or Arctic issues.


Other legal entities that make use of northern research may join the INQ as a partnering legal entity.

Regular members

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