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At UQAM, 14 departments work in the North and Arctic. The training activities dedicated specifically to the North are divided into many disciplines: history, politics, tourism, literature, the arts, religious sciences, linguistics and sociology. UQAM researchers collaborate with Indigenous communities on projects to analyze social, cultural, economic and environmental issues related to the North and the wintery world. The UQAM Northern and Arctic Research Portal, available online, chronicles the research and training activities dealing with the North and Arctic that are carried out or organized at UQAM. This portal also aims to strengthen links between researchers from different disciplines and promote the development of multisectoral training activities.

List of affiliated researchers

Name Research priorities Research types Contact Photo
Alexeeva, Olga Priority 1 - Societies and Culture history, human geography, sustainable development, economical interests of China in the Arctic Email
Olga Alexeeva
Boucher, Étienne Priority 5 - Natural Resources geography, earth science, climatology, fluvial geomorphology, paleoclimatology, paleohydrology, water and ice risk Email
Etienne Boucher
Chartier, Daniel Priority 1 - Societies and Culture literature, Native American culture, Inuit culture, Arctic imaginary Email
Daniel Chartier
Compton, Richard Priority 1 - Societies and Culture linguistics, dialects, native languages, Northwest Territories, Nunavik, Nunavut Email
Richard Compton
Darbyshire, Fiona Ann Priority 5 - Natural Resources geophysics, terrestrial evolution, earth crust, seismology Email
Fiona Ann Darbyshire
de Vernal, Anne Priority 3 - Ecosystem Functioning and Environmental Protection geology, paleoclimatology, micropaleontology, environment Email
Anne de Vernal
Gachon, Philippe Priority 5 - Natural Resources climate, hydroclimatology, environmental issues Email
Philippe Gachon
Garneau, Michelle Priority 3 - Ecosystem Functioning and Environmental Protection geochemistry, geodynamics, ecosystems dynamics, climate change Email
Michelle Garneau
Germain, Daniel Priority 5 - Natural Resources natural hazards, avalanches, risques naturels; avalanches; géographie humaine Email
Daniel Germain
Laprise, René Priority 5 - Natural Resources climatology et meteorology, modelling, climate change Email
René Laprise
Rosabal, Maikel Priority 3 - Ecosystem Functioning and Environmental Protection biology, toxicology, ecotoxicology, biochemistry, environment, health Email
Maikel Rosabal
Sadat, Fatiha Priority 1 - Societies and Culture computer science, data analysis, big data, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, native languages Email
Fatiha Sadat
Saint-Amour, Dave Priority 2 - Health psychology, neuropsychology, environmental neuropsychology, environmental health Email
Dave Saint Amour
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