Working group on new and renewable energies


Jasmin Raymond (INRS)


Kodjo Agbossou (UQTR)
Cédric Arbez (Nérgica)
Olivier Arsenault (Hydro Québec)
Karim Belmokhtar (Nergica)
Myriam Blais (SPN)
Francois Bouffard (McGill)
Martin Bourbonnais (Cégep de Jonquière)
Marie-Pier Breton (SHQ)
Pierre Brisson (TEQ)
Christian Carrier (Carboniq Inc)
Marie-Ève Dupont (IREQ)
Guy Dumas (GEL, UL)
Richard Gagnon (TEQ)
Nicolo Giordano(INRS)
Louis Gosselin (GMC, UL)
Didier Haillot (GMC, ÉTS)
Innocent Kamwa [GEL, UL)
Christophe Krolik (Droit, UL)
Patrick Labbé (Hydro Québec)
Joë Lance (Tarquti)
Daniel Martineau (AADNC)
Félix Ménard-Saint-Denis (SHQ)
Fuzhan Narsiri (Concordia)
Mathieu Olivier (GMC, UL)
Taha Ouarda(INRS)
Mathieu Payeur (TEQ)
Julia Purdy (NRCan)
Marc-André Richard (IREQ)
Laurie-Ann Rioux (SPN)
Jean Rouleau (GMC, UL)


Debbie Christiansen-Stowe (Université Laval)


Gain greater insight into existing energy infrastructure; assess and anticipate energy needs and resources; document the impacts of the energy transition; support stakeholders on the ground and transfer new knowledge to them; identify legal levers and propose solutions to improve existing regulations.

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