The need for a multidisciplinary, interuniversity research institute to address the issues facing northern and arctic regions emerged out of a series of discussions, deliberations and key events.

The INQ takes shape


Quebec unveils the original incarnation of its Plan Nord, a blueprint for the development of the mining, energy, social, cultural, and tourist potential of Quebec's territory north of the 49th parallel.


Université Laval publishes Mobilizing for a Sustainable North: Research Issues and Priorities, which sets out a scientific foundation for sustainable northern development based on an unprecedented voluntary consultation involving some 65 northern researchers and experts.


Fonds de recherche du Québec holds a northern research day with more than 115 researchers. Université Laval is invited to present its approach for mobilizing northern expertise.


The 2014–2015 provincial budget earmarks $3 million for the INQ. Funds are awarded to Université Laval with the provision that the new headquarters will be on the UL campus.


Université Laval, McGill University, and INRS sign a framework agreement for the foundation of the INQ.


Université Laval, McGill University, and INRS publicly announce their intention to jointly found the INQ.


The INQ implementation committee, composed of members of the partner institutions, meets for the first time.


The provincial government unveils its Plan Nord à l’Horizon 2035, describing the conditions of success for the Plan Nord. The INQ is listed as a priority for the development of scientific knowledge.

The INQ implementation committee is officially appointed.


The INQ is cited as a priority federal election issue by the Ville de Québec.

The INQ holds a consultation workshop to develop its strategic position and visual identity.

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