Message from the INQ

In recent years, many Quebec researchers and experts have made groundbreaking efforts to rally the scientific community in founding a new institute for northern studies: the Institut nordique du Québec (the Institute). The cornerstone of this initiative was a far-reaching alliance between Université Laval, McGill University, Institut national de la recherche scientifique, and numerous other public, private, and academic partners. The mission of the Institut nordique du Québec is to keep its partners on the cutting edge of advancing knowledge and its applications in the field of northern and circumpolar development.

The social, environmental, and economic issues surrounding northern development are complex — as are the underlying challenges. We therefore adopted an inclusive, collaborative, and multidisciplinary approach that would support the Institut nordique du Québec’s development and optimize its odds of success. By working closely with northern and Aboriginal communities, members of the Institut nordique du Québec made a commitment to play a key role in the ethical and harmonious development of Northern Quebec and the Canadian Arctic.

The past year, 2014–2015, has been a landmark year. It is the year that saw the conclusion of vital partnerships, the launch of the Institut in conjunction with northern communities, and a $3 million commitment from the Government of Québec to get the ball rolling. The partners crystalized their vision and laid a foundation by drawing on the expertise of Quebec researchers. We thank the members of the implementation committee who advised the executive committee on setting up the Institute. More than 30 people had a hand in preparing statutes and other important documents.

The project made significant progress this year, and Quebec researchers have cemented their status as leaders in northern research and innovation. We are delighted to present this annual report detailing all this progress.

Sophie D’Amours
Chair, Executive Committee

René Therrien
Chair, Implementation Committee

Institut nordique du Québec
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