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Sentinel North deploys a rich program of transdisciplinary training activities aimed at addressing the complex themes of its research program. Bootcamps, workshops and conferences enliven the program's learning community.

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There has been a lot of talk--some of it optimistic, some alarmist—about the opening up of the Arctic to shipping and resource development, and the ambitions of Russia and China in the region. This raises the question of whether the prevailing trend in the North is one of cooperation or confrontation, and whether we are witnessing the creation of an Arctic region. The seminar analyzes these different challenges from the perspective of regional and national governance, and international relations, to gain greater insight into the region's highly complex institutional landscape and deconstruct the various national discourses.

In the final few classes, the students simulate a meeting of the Arctic Council, with each team representing one of its members. The top team will have the opportunity to take part in an international simulation (2017–18 Model Arctic Council) organized by Professor Lassi Heininen as a side event of the Council's meeting in October 2017, in Oulu, Finland.

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Institution: Université Laval
Professor: Thierry Rodon

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